Cluster 4 – About

Cluster 4 consists of curator Lina Aastrup, artist Olga Kr├╝ssenberg, researchers Anni Reponen (art history) and Jung James Cho (inorganic chemistry). We researched the relationship between time and matter by examining samples of the bedrock at Frescati which formed 1.8 billion years ago. With the granite as our starting point and the metaphor of the… Continue reading Cluster 4 – About

Cluster 6 – Bead-by-bead

Swamp animation by Tilda Dalunde

Tilda Dalunde of Cluster 6 is an artist and a translator (educated at Konstfack and Stockholm University) with an interest in chronology, repetition, and ritual situations. She is currently exploring extreme repetition by building pixelated sculptures out of 2.5 mm, individually placed plastic beads. “When everything came to a halt and everyone stayed at home,… Continue reading Cluster 6 – Bead-by-bead