Cluster 4 – Reading List

One of the ways Cluster 4 dealt with creating a feeling of joint process despite not physically being able to meet as much as we would have wanted, was to share reading material. The texts were an inspiration and a starting point for our many interesting conversations on immersion, time and matter. Bibliography Barthes, Roland, Mythologies,… Continue reading Cluster 4 – Reading List

Cluster 6 – Mapping with Words

Map illustration by Lina Aastrup. Words by Tilda Dalunde.

Maps function as a way of visualising space. The reduction of lived spatial experience to lines on a flat surface. A thing to own, a document to hold, a tool for navigation. We asked ourselves: what place does words and language have in relation to mapping and placemaking at Lappkärrsberget? For the illustration in the… Continue reading Cluster 6 – Mapping with Words

Cluster 4 – Möbius Strip

Let us introduce you to the metaphor of the Möbius Strip. A one-sided surface that is constructed from a rectangle by holding one end fixed and twisting the opposite end 180 degrees. Joining the ends create the shape of an infinity symbol ∞. This is what mathematicians call a non-orientable surface. If you let your finger… Continue reading Cluster 4 – Möbius Strip

Cluster 6 – First Date

For our very first meeting in March 2021 Agnès Biro, Lina Aastrup, Mehregan Meysami and Evangelia Kalpakli met in Lappkärrsberget at Studio Pica. Tilda Dalunde joined us on zoom and we all introduced ourselves and our current interests within our respective fields of linguistics, translation, curation and fine arts. Lina introduced historical research about the… Continue reading Cluster 6 – First Date

Cluster 4 – The Experimental Field

For our very first meeting James Cho, Olga Krüssenberg and Lina Aastrup of Cluster 4 got together to visit Accelerator and the exhibition The Experimental Field. The exhibition traces back the history of the Stockholm University campus as a site of agricultural experimentation and opens up questions of experimental ways to live together and with… Continue reading Cluster 4 – The Experimental Field