Cluster 6 – On Sound

Spectrogram artwork by Mehregan Meysami

“Phonetics is a part of linguistics, a field that studies language. Phonetics is concerned with sounds; how to write down sounds in transcriptions; how sounds are produced (articulatory phonetics); the acoustic characteristics of sounds (acoustic phonetics); and how sounds can be perceived (auditory phonetics).  Speech sounds are practically “small air pressure fluctuations” (3) or soundwaves… Continue reading Cluster 6 – On Sound

Cluster 6 – A Long Time Ago

For being an area in the outskirts of Stockholm, there is oddly enough not that much written about Lappkärrsberget and its etymology. When diving into the existing research, it quickly became clear that there is no consensus within the research community about where the name comes from. Among the diverging theories on the origins of… Continue reading Cluster 6 – A Long Time Ago