Cluster 6 – The Swamp, O βάλτος, Kärret

“I am ο βάλτος, the swamp, kärret. Whichever my name, when you are uttering it you can feel it sticking on your tongue, on your palate. Βαλλλτος, τελλλμα, kärrr. Or you can feel your lips stuck together swammp.  It makes you feel how sticky I am. People say βαλτώνω (valtono), είμαι σε τέλμα (ime se… Continue reading Cluster 6 – The Swamp, O βάλτος, Kärret

Cluster 6 – Moi: La piece, le marais, la montagne

Que m’est-il arrivé?  J’ai dû survivre à un accident.  Pourtant je ne me souviens pas.  J’essaye de me relever mais la hauteur du monticule et la boue m’en empêchent.  Quelque chose tombe.  Est-ce un fragment, une cellule?  Mon corps est aujourd’hui en morceaux. Je me souviens vaguement du piétinement des loups, du fatras de la… Continue reading Cluster 6 – Moi: La piece, le marais, la montagne

Cluster 6 – Task 1

Our first individual assignment stemmed from an ambition to give voice to the swamp – Lappkärret. We had until then read and talked about the different theories of where the name originated from and wanted to reverse the process. Instead of using an outside perspective, we submerged ourselves into the watery world of the swamp.… Continue reading Cluster 6 – Task 1

Cluster 6 – A Long Time Ago

For being an area in the outskirts of Stockholm, there is oddly enough not that much written about Lappkärrsberget and its etymology. When diving into the existing research, it quickly became clear that there is no consensus within the research community about where the name comes from. Among the diverging theories on the origins of… Continue reading Cluster 6 – A Long Time Ago