Cluster 8 – Thinking Pollen

written by Otto Ruin – When we received the peculiar archive of the botanist Gustav Sandberg, a collection made up of notes, plants, seeds, earth samples, lab reports, it revealed a person who saved and analysed all his scientific impressions. In its thoughtful and almost pedantic way, made up of several boxes within boxes, tubes… Continue reading Cluster 8 – Thinking Pollen

Cluster 8 – a poem

written by Lior Nønne Malue Hansen – We opened box upon box Allowing the sediments  Of your fragmented collection Of culturally wrapped natural material  To pollenize the ruin in the make Of our (con)temporary hive mind We layed out all of our perceptions  On a thousand broken plateaus  In an effort to connect the dots… Continue reading Cluster 8 – a poem

Cluster 8 – The Sandberg collection

Part of our process has revolved around the Sandberg archive, consisting of meticulously yet mysteriously organised plants, maps, varieties of soil and more. During a whole week, we had the collection layed out on the floor of Mejan’s sculpture hall, sifting through the materials and exploring the contents. More on the collection will follow.