Cluster 6 – About

Cluster 6 was created with a common interest in exploring the structure and meaning of language. Taking the area of “Lappkärrsberget” as a starting point, the group investigated what meanings could be hidden within appellations of territories and how much this meaning accurately refers to the history of a place. Lina Aastrup Lina Aastrup (Sweden)… Continue reading Cluster 6 – About

Cluster 6 – Mapping with Words

Map illustration by Lina Aastrup. Words by Tilda Dalunde.

Maps function as a way of visualising space. The reduction of lived spatial experience to lines on a flat surface. A thing to own, a document to hold, a tool for navigation. We asked ourselves: what place does words and language have in relation to mapping and placemaking at Lappkärrsberget? For the illustration in the… Continue reading Cluster 6 – Mapping with Words

Cluster 6 – On Sound

Spectrogram artwork by Mehregan Meysami

“Phonetics is a part of linguistics, a field that studies language. Phonetics is concerned with sounds; how to write down sounds in transcriptions; how sounds are produced (articulatory phonetics); the acoustic characteristics of sounds (acoustic phonetics); and how sounds can be perceived (auditory phonetics).  Speech sounds are practically “small air pressure fluctuations” (3) or soundwaves… Continue reading Cluster 6 – On Sound

Cluster 6 – Bead-by-bead

Swamp animation by Tilda Dalunde

Tilda Dalunde of Cluster 6 is an artist and a translator (educated at Konstfack and Stockholm University) with an interest in chronology, repetition, and ritual situations. She is currently exploring extreme repetition by building pixelated sculptures out of 2.5 mm, individually placed plastic beads. “When everything came to a halt and everyone stayed at home,… Continue reading Cluster 6 – Bead-by-bead

Cluster 6 – The Swamp, O βάλτος, Kärret

“I am ο βάλτος, the swamp, kärret. Whichever my name, when you are uttering it you can feel it sticking on your tongue, on your palate. Βαλλλτος, τελλλμα, kärrr. Or you can feel your lips stuck together swammp.  It makes you feel how sticky I am. People say βαλτώνω (valtono), είμαι σε τέλμα (ime se… Continue reading Cluster 6 – The Swamp, O βάλτος, Kärret

Cluster 6 – Moi: La piece, le marais, la montagne

Que m’est-il arrivé?  J’ai dû survivre à un accident.  Pourtant je ne me souviens pas.  J’essaye de me relever mais la hauteur du monticule et la boue m’en empêchent.  Quelque chose tombe.  Est-ce un fragment, une cellule?  Mon corps est aujourd’hui en morceaux. Je me souviens vaguement du piétinement des loups, du fatras de la… Continue reading Cluster 6 – Moi: La piece, le marais, la montagne

Cluster 6 – Task 1

Our first individual assignment stemmed from an ambition to give voice to the swamp – Lappkärret. We had until then read and talked about the different theories of where the name originated from and wanted to reverse the process. Instead of using an outside perspective, we submerged ourselves into the watery world of the swamp.… Continue reading Cluster 6 – Task 1

Cluster 6 – Staying Close from Afar

As our group didn’t have the possibility of meeting in person more than a few times at the beginning of the project, adapting our joint research process was essential. One of the ways we did this was by setting tasks for ourselves that had a common starting point but could be solved individually and later… Continue reading Cluster 6 – Staying Close from Afar