Cluster 5 – In the dark room

Cluster 5 spent a whole weekend in and out of the dark room, where Nicole taught Isabel, Laura and Isabelle the entire process of making and developing analogue photographs and photograms. Taking inspiration from our discussions and intertextual exchanges around death, we worked with ash, glass fragments and images from our trips to Skogskyrkogården and… Continue reading Cluster 5 – In the dark room

Cluster 5 – Lab/studio visits

Cluster 5 woke up early for a visit to Laura’s laboratory at SU, where she grows protein crystals and studies protein structure to aid medical research – like her current collaboration investigating stomach ulcers. Laura showed us how she freezes proteins to be able to observe them with an electron microscope, and explained the stable… Continue reading Cluster 5 – Lab/studio visits

Cluster 5 – Skogskyrkogården

As life, death, and its intersections recurred in our discussions, we went to visit Skogskyrkogården.  Designed by architects Erik Gunna Asplund and Sigurd Lewerentz, this cemetery adapted its layout to the landscape rather than carving out the forest to suit the needs of a graveyard.  We wandered among the graves, with pine trees stretching over… Continue reading Cluster 5 – Skogskyrkogården