Cluster 3 – A video essay

Because most of the members could not be physically present for the Accelerator Launch Event, Cluster 3 decided to prepare a video presentation to be live streamed during the evening. This video presentation became an artistic experimentation and involved, once again, all of the Cluster’s members. A huge thank you to Cilia WagĂ©n for imagining… Continue reading Cluster 3 – A video essay

Cluster 3 – We all have Dreams

To co-create a vision for a better Lappis in the future, Fluke Stockholm held a workshop with Lappis residents to envision what the WOW Lappis would look and feel like. Together, the WOW Lappis was envisioned to be a more social, communicative, artistic, colorful, participatory, resident-run, and overall, socially sustainable community. And thus Lappis resident… Continue reading Cluster 3 – We all have Dreams

Cluster 3 – About

This cluster has been created with a common interest to reimagine the functions of public spaces. Throughout a number of meetings and interventions, we have been observing, questioning and challenging how a community of students living in Lappis Campus interacts and engages with their public space. A possible outcome of this experimentation is to enable… Continue reading Cluster 3 – About

Cluster 3 – What the Fluke?!

Fluke (noun) : an unlikely chance occurrence, especially a surprising piece of luck. Fluke is a collective between two KTH students, Tatiana Bodnar and Nicole Arthur, who by a fluke, are performing their thesis together. Their thesis looks to explore more fun and playful ways to co-create public space alongside their community of Lappis. Fluke… Continue reading Cluster 3 – What the Fluke?!