Cluster 4 – At the lab

Did you know that there are only two electron microscopes in Sweden? And one of them is located at the Arrhenius Laboratory at Stockholm University. Listening and learning from each other about our different areas of research is key to this interdisciplinary group project, so for our first meeting PhD candidate James Cho showed artist… Continue reading Cluster 4 – At the lab

Cluster 6 – Accelerator

Signe Johannessen, “Puppy play”, 2020, shown in the staircase of Accelerator.

For our second meeting with the group, we visited Accelerator and the exhibition “The Experimental Field”. The experimental field was established in 1816 at Stockholm University. Before that, the area of Norra Djurgården had among other things been used as royal hunting grounds. Even wolf hunts were common in those days, a fact that made… Continue reading Cluster 6 – Accelerator

Cluster 6 – First Date

For our very first meeting in March 2021 Agnès Biro, Lina Aastrup, Mehregan Meysami and Evangelia Kalpakli met in Lappkärrsberget at Studio Pica. Tilda Dalunde joined us on zoom and we all introduced ourselves and our current interests within our respective fields of linguistics, translation, curation and fine arts. Lina introduced historical research about the… Continue reading Cluster 6 – First Date

Cluster 4 – The Experimental Field

For our very first meeting James Cho, Olga Krüssenberg and Lina Aastrup of Cluster 4 got together to visit Accelerator and the exhibition The Experimental Field. The exhibition traces back the history of the Stockholm University campus as a site of agricultural experimentation and opens up questions of experimental ways to live together and with… Continue reading Cluster 4 – The Experimental Field