Cluster 4 – About

Cluster 4 consists of curator Lina Aastrup, artist Olga Krüssenberg, researchers Anni Reponen (art history) and Jung James Cho (inorganic chemistry). We researched the relationship between time and matter by examining samples of the bedrock at Frescati which formed 1.8 billion years ago. With the granite as our starting point and the metaphor of the Möbius strip as our guiding light, we analysed the dichotomy of inside/outside only to find that within the microcosm of atomic structures, there are starry nights as well. 

Lina Aastrup, MA candidate, Stockholm University

“My interests as a curator and writer lie in dissecting dominant power structures and master narratives as represented in the realm of images. Glitches and discrepancies between the experienced and the mediated world in physical as well as digital realities, particularly in manifestations of the nature/culture divide are fundamental to my practice. Previous to the MA programme in Curating Art I have curated the touring group show Meltdown: A Visualisation of Climate Change (2019-2020) at the Natural History Museum, Vienna and Horniman Museum and Gardens, London.” 

MA Curating Art, Stockholm University (2020-2022), BA in Art History, Stockholm University (2016-2019).

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Jung James Cho, PhD candidate, Stockholm University

“My professional research utilizes transmission electron microscopy as the fundamental basis for understanding the origin of physicochemical properties collectively produced by interactions of atoms arranged in a very specific way. Having been born in South Korea yet spent adolescence and adulthood in the United States, communicating ideas and fabricating their delivery mediums encompassing art, language, and music have always been part of my journey. My brief layover in the Korean Marine Corps before joining the PhD program inspired me to couple my perceptions in natural sciences, human nature, and societal relations. I am also an occasional photographer.”

PhD Inorganic Chemistry, Stockholm University (2019-present), M.Sc. in Environmental Engineering, POSTECH, South Korea (2015-2017), B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering and B.A. Physics, University of Virginia, United States (2010-2014)

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Olga Krüssenberg, BFA candidate, Royal Institute of Art.

“My name is Olga Krüssenberg and I study my third year at the Royal Institute of Art. In my practice, I use the knowledge of moving images, documentary elements and other materials to open up a dialogue between me, the material and the context. I try to understand the connection in the context and at the same time let the void between time and distance speak for itself. The starting point for my works is usually linked to a place; I find a place, then I examine it. Or: I research a place, then I rediscover it. With the camera, my body and with different materials as tools, I compare, zoom in, disassemble, reconstruct and change a space.”

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Anni Reponen, MA Art History, Stockholm University
As a researcher and writer, I am interested in the different interpretations of truth. As everything in our society is based on agreement, including art, it creates an exciting platform where parallel interpretation discusses the same reality. I investigated these parallel interpretations in my MA thesis, using as a case study the reception and PR work done around the Swedish artist Hilma af Klint (1862-1944).

MA in International Master’s Programme in Art History, Stockholm University (2018-2021), BA in Art History, Universidad Complutense de Madrid (2014-2018).

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