Cluster 6 – Bead-by-bead

Tilda Dalunde of Cluster 6 is an artist and a translator (educated at Konstfack and Stockholm University) with an interest in chronology, repetition, and ritual situations. She is currently exploring extreme repetition by building pixelated sculptures out of 2.5 mm, individually placed plastic beads.

“When everything came to a halt and everyone stayed at home, isolation became the reality. In quarantine I sat hour after hour with tweezers, placing beads. That’s what I had available when the door slammed shut and I looked around to figure out what to do now. The slow bead-by-bead building helps me see things in new ways. I discover the everyday objects around me as I build them, and re-imagine some of my favourite museum objects that are right now too far away.” 

Swamp animation by Tilda Dalunde

“I came from the ocean, as the ocean came from the ice.

I was the bowl that held the ice.

When I rose to the surface the ocean became my container.

I started to fill it, and was myself filled by the forest.

I grew and joined, and became a collector of water.

Now I keep the water from reaching the sea.

I contain the water as the ocean contains me.” – Tilda Dalunde

This text and animation was created as a comment to our first individual task where the participants were asked to embody the swamp, Lappkärret.

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