Cluster 6 – The Swamp, O βάλτος, Kärret

“I am ο βάλτος, the swamp, kärret. Whichever my name, when you are uttering it you can feel it sticking on your tongue, on your palate. Βαλλλτος, τελλλμα, kärrr. Or you can feel your lips stuck together swammp.  It makes you feel how sticky I am. People say βαλτώνω (valtono), είμαι σε τέλμα (ime se telma) when they are in a dead end. Forever stuck, forever to be. But being forever has its bright side too. I have been here, and I have seen many people come and go. Trying retrying striving to get better. I have seen them fighting and I have seen them winning or losing. I have fostered and given life to many living beings. From plants to animals. I have given my name to places. I have been experimenting with life around me and life has been experimenting with me.” – Evangelia Kalpakli

This text was created as a comment to our first individual task where the participants were asked to embody the swamp, Lappkärret.