Cluster 4 – Möbius Strip

Let us introduce you to the metaphor of the Möbius Strip. A one-sided surface that is constructed from a rectangle by holding one end fixed and twisting the opposite end 180 degrees. Joining the ends create the shape of an infinity symbol ∞. This is what mathematicians call a non-orientable surface. If you let your finger travel from one side to the other, you have touched both inside and outside without ever lifting your finger. The borderline between the two sides is porous or even inexistent. The idea of the Möbius Strip has been guiding our thoughts on matter. Where does one entity, organic or inorganic, end and the other begin? We are all immersed in the metabolic system of our planet. Individual/collective, past/future, nature/culture are all dichotomies that in our minds benefit from being collapsed as Möbius Strips.