Cluster 3 – We all have Dreams

To co-create a vision for a better Lappis in the future, Fluke Stockholm held a workshop with Lappis residents to envision what the WOW Lappis would look and feel like. Together, the WOW Lappis was envisioned to be a more social, communicative, artistic, colorful, participatory, resident-run, and overall, socially sustainable community.

And thus Lappis resident and scenographer Amelie Reix helped this vision come to life through her beautiful and whimsical illustration!

Fluke has introduced a new platform both to the Lappis Campus and to our cluster called “Plato”. This platform exists to make it easier for Lappisians to post what they call “dreams” allowing them to democratically choose which dreams to fund. Through the Dreams platform, you (or a group) can sign up, post your dreams for a public space within Lappis, comment and collaborate with others, and soon be able to collectively decide which dreams to realise!