Cluster 2 – Reading the air (空気を読む kuuki wo yomu)

02/05 Sunday

Christine, Tuija, Atsuko and Ingrid met up on Skeppsholmen to see Moderna museet’s exhibition Face to Face with Alberto Giacometti. Seeing the in-process sketches on the back of envelopes and news paper clippings, by one of art history’s real giants, made an impact on this process centered group.

Downstairs we visited Lea Porsager’s exhibition Stripped and sank down in bean bags in front of a meditative video art piece, situated in the middle of the installation of disassembled wind turbines. Being both spiritual and industrial, the rhythm of the repetitive chanting captured us, and put us in an inspired mood for our upcoming meeting.

We re-located to Christine’s studio at KKH, where Sona joined on link from St. Petersburg.

We continued our discussions of content and format, which is now taking shape. We kept coming back to different aspects of air and breathing, and we shared relatable idioms from our different languages. We discussed the Japanese expression Read the air (空気を読む kuuki wo yomu) at length.

Tuija read a text she’s been working on, which we decided will be a part of the zine. Christine shared some initial ideas and inspiration for the zine, and we decided on (and made a plan for) how to bridge between our different fields.

We structured up-coming meetings in May:

10/05 Monday
Atsuko sending material from Public health sources to the group

14/05 Friday

Workshop where Christine presents work-in-process of content and form

/05 Wednesday
Sona and Ingrid meeting with Accelerator communication’s department about content – sharing the feedback with the group afterwards

22/05 Saturday
Workshop / producing zine

Sona and Ingrid had a meeting with the class 10/05 where two new important dates were set:

31/05 Monday
Tentative deadline for sending zine to production (production takes 5 days)

12/06 Friday
Launch event for participants in all clusters