Cluster 2 – A process in motion

Cluster 2 consists of Fine Art master’s student Christine Dahl Helweg-Larsen from the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm, Public Health master’s student Atsuko Suzuki, Anthropology bachelor’s student Tuija Roberntz, as well as the two curators; Ingrid Svahn & Sona Stepanyan, both master’s students in Curating Art, all four from Stockholm University.

During five meetings this group will explore how our experiences and in-depth knowledge from different fields can experiment with, contribute to and gather around the intersections of art and science – resulting in a zine at the end of 2021 spring term. The group’s combined experience ranges not only from such widely differing topics as public health, anthropology and curating art, but also includes nationalities from Denmark, Japan, Sweden and Armenia.

28/03 Sunday

In our first meeting we all made presentations of ourselves, and Christine shared her artistic practice with the group. We talked about our thoughts of the project, our ideas and interests, academic and professional backgrounds and previous experiences of working with art.

From our shared digital mind-map you can follow how our discussions and references in different directions grew dynamically, when discussing different themes to approach.

7/04 Wednesday 

The group visited Accelerator’s exhibition The experimental field – one of the starting points for this whole project.

When gathering our thoughts after the visit, the poem Everything with lungs by Juliana Spahr was mentioned.

11/04 Sunday 

We started the third meeting with taking turns in reading different sections of the poem together out loud. The rhythm of the melancholic poem lingered and set the tone for our forthcoming discussions, that grew large and small, like a continuation of the breath as a metaphor.

After this meeting Christine very generously invited us to her home. Together we watched the many times awarded documentary At Night I Fly by Michel Wenzer from 2011, about the life-sentenced American poet Spoon Jackson. Among other things, the film addressed how the interns used various artistic expressions to cope with their situation.

When writing this post two meetings remain:

27/04 Tuesday We plan to visit Skeppsholmen to experience more art exhibitions together, as well as visit Christine’s studio.

02/05 Sunday In the project’s last meeting we will organise ourselves for the creation of the zine, which will be materialized in May.