Cluster 3 – About

This cluster has been created with a common interest to reimagine the functions of public spaces. Throughout a number of meetings and interventions, we have been observing, questioning and challenging how a community of students living in Lappis Campus interacts and engages with their public space. A possible outcome of this experimentation is to enable power structures to be shaken up and to re-evaluate what could happen if the decision-making process, in its most absurd forms, would be claimed back by the community. 

This cluster is composed of: 

Cilia Wagén, BFA student, Royal Institute of Art.

Cilia Wagén (b. 1993) is an artist working in Stockholm and Gothenburg currently studying a Bachelor of Fine Arts at The Royal Academy of Arts in Stockholm. She works around topics of economics and the entertainment industry with an interest for language, performativity and in-between spaces. In her practice she uses text, video, drawing, photography and installation.

Amélie Reix, Exchange MA student, Performing Arts, Stockholm University.

Graduated from Les Beaux Arts de Lyon in 2019, Amélie is pursuing her research while being enrolled in the Masters of Performing Arts at the University of Paris 8 and is currently in exchange at Stockholm University. Her artistic approach is building from the spatial and bodily explorations within the multiple micro-events she encounters on her way and her constant interaction with materials.   For Amélie, the gestures of the craftsperson and the dancer meet in the process of creation.For Amélie, the gestures of the craftsperson and the dancer meet in the process of creation. How do you consider the work in its process? Through scenography, installations, costume design, drawings, workshops…the modalities of creation are continuously redefined during meetings and improvisations.  What would a scenographic improvisation look like? 

Check Amélie’s website and Instagram.

Fluke, Tatiana Bodnar & Nicole Arthur, MSc students, respectively: Sustainable Urban Planning & Design / Integrated Product Design, KTH.

Fluke (noun) : an unlikely chance occurrence, especially a surprising piece of luck. Fluke is a collective between two KTH students, Tatiana Bodnar and Nicole Arthur, who by a fluke, are performing their thesis together. Their thesis looks to explore more fun and playful ways to co-create public space alongside their community of Lappis. Fluke is traversing through ideas of agency in urban space, urban interventions, and placemaking in order to make a more participatory and playful city. See What the Fluke? for more info.

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Agnès Biro, MA student, Curating Art, Stockholm University

Agnès is a Freelance Art Curator enrolled in the Curating Art Masters Program at Stockholm University. While studying Fine Art at Central Saint Martins in London, she developed an interest in observing and playing with the relationship between the viewer and time. The term “interruption” is a concept that guides her practice and which, according to her, refers to a furtive moment, a perturbing element that allows someone to take a different pace and apprehend their movement and actions in a different way. Signs, architecture, lighting, language…all these elements are potential interruptions. Agnès has recently co-curated two shows in Stockholm with Sarah Rodrigues. She is now assisting the curatorial team of the 2021 edition of the Bruges Triennial. 

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