Cluster 5 – Lab/studio visits

Cluster 5 woke up early for a visit to Laura’s laboratory at SU, where she grows protein crystals and studies protein structure to aid medical research – like her current collaboration investigating stomach ulcers. Laura showed us how she freezes proteins to be able to observe them with an electron microscope, and explained the stable temperature and pH required to preserve them. 

We were curious about how she crushes growing cells to obtain the proteins she works with, and were amazed to discover that there exists a different kind of protein smoothie to the kind we are used to. 

We were very inspired by images of Laura’s protein crystals, as well as the molecular and atomic structures which compose us, and will be coming back to the wonders of the infinitely small. 

After a tunnelbana & bus ride through Stockholm, we got off on Skeppsholmen for a visit of Nicole’s studio at KKH. We received the full tour of the building, from the dark room to the sculpture, metal and glass workshops, catching glimpses of works in progress. Back in Nicole’s studio, she talked to us about her artistic practice. She discussed death, remains, borders, the power of the image, and her current exploration of the distinction between “viewing” and “witnessing” in historical public executions. We ended up discussing (grave)stones: how they are imbued with memory, how they are stable and solid in the present yet turn fluid and changeable in deep time, how ancient carvings already displayed the name and date of the dead as organising principles… 

It made us all excited for our next excursion together: Isabel’s laboratory/studio, an archeological excavation site at Jordbro.

15 APRIL 2021