Cluster 6 – Task 1

Our first individual assignment stemmed from an ambition to give voice to the swamp – Lappkärret. We had until then read and talked about the different theories of where the name originated from and wanted to reverse the process. Instead of using an outside perspective, we submerged ourselves into the watery world of the swamp.

Task 1

“We invite you to play with language and the border between facts and fiction. 

After learning from the different “historical” potential backgrounds of the area, you are yourself becoming the swamp.

Create a narrative of how you might look, under which name we can call you, how you might feel, what are your current attributes or how you have been aging over the years. 

Maybe you are embodying the swamp today and you are reminiscing some old memories or you just cannot remember your past and make complete assumptions of how it must have been.  

This can take any shape. It can be as short as three words or as long as you wish it to be. 

It can also be written in any language you want. Be it your mother tongue or some imagery.”

Read the responses from the group:

Lina Aastrup

Agnès Biro

Tilda Dalunde

Evangelia Kalpakli

Mehregan Meysami