Cluster 6 – Accelerator

For our second meeting with the group, we visited Accelerator and the exhibition “The Experimental Field”. The experimental field was established in 1816 at Stockholm University. Before that, the area of Norra Djurgården had among other things been used as royal hunting grounds. Even wolf hunts were common in those days, a fact that made Signe Johannessen’s video work “Puppy play” (2020) all the more interesting.

Signe Johannessen, “Puppy play”, 2020, shown in the staircase of Accelerator.
Mehregan and Evangelia in front of Andrea Zittel “A-Z Wagon Station Customized by Jennifer Nocon”, 2003.

Curators: Agnès Biro & Lina Aastrup

Artist: Mehregan Meysami

Researchers: Tilda Dalunde & Evangelia Kalpakli